useful tips

  • Getting around cities in China can be difficult due to communication problems and the difficulty of reaching a taxi during collection hours or rainy days.
  • A must to use is the local app called "Didi", a Chinese version of Uber, with a new English-language interface that allows users to contact drivers and communicate with them anywhere in China. Different choices, from Pool to Luxury Car, are offered according to the customer's needs. Prices are extremely competitive.
  • In a country, especially in small or inland towns, where English language skills do not yet conform to international standards, communicating with locals is essential.
  • An app developed by Microsoft called Microsoft Translator “must be downloaded before any trip to China. A new update also allows you to translate from an image into English / another language
  • Widely used Western social media and apps cannot be used in China due to government restrictions. At the moment Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Gmail are blocked throughout the territory. Yahoo is the only Western search engine that can be used.
  • A new regulation, issued by the Chinese government, allows foreigners to obtain "Visa on arrival" at the most important Chinese airports and to stay up to a week.