Online business developement   

Europe to China

  • China is the first market in the world for online business thanks to advanced technology, local software and dedicated platforms, attracting millions of buyers from all over the country every day business online grazie alla tecnologia avanzata, al software locale e alle piattaforme dedicate attirano ogni giorno milioni di acquirenti da tutto il paese
  • the We Chat app, developed by Tencent Software (Shenzen), a mix between Whatsapp and Facebook, with functions that allow you to shop online, pay bills and communicate with 800 million users across the country, with delivery costs, through local couriers, extremely cheap and fast
  •  for this target we can create an online store for staff or the company, on a dedicated platform

China to Europe

  • the online business is also growing rapidly in Europe
  • For Chinese companies interested in doing business online in Europe, we offer dedicated websites
  • to sell the product through the best European platforms, to find the best solutions for online sales.


  • the Marketing Plan is necessary for the launch of any product or service
  • with this tool we are able to promote your products or services on all European and Chinese markets, check the products or services that have not yet been offered to consumers, benchmark competitors and the profile of your current customers and potentials
  • we identify strategies to reach a niche or an entire market segment
  • based on the capacity of the company and the structure of the market for each product or service, we define the strategies for positioning, price, distribution, penetration of the advertising channel, internet and social channels, public relations, participation in fairs and events, telemarketing, direct mail

Business Plan

  • with particular attention to the specificities and potential of the Chinese market, with this tool we help our customers to assess the intrinsic risk of the activities of the nascent company or of the new business
  • with the aim of creating a successful model for the company, specifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business idea and the strategies that will be adopted to overcome them
  • evaluating the characteristics of each product, the production process, the materials used, what is innovative, the production costs and the sales prices and the expected turnover volumes
  • to arrive at defining the real feasibility of the operation, its financial coverage and any financing methods

Private Equity

  • In China, Private Equity is the most widespread tool for attracting local capital to invest in a business with potential growth in some specific sectors
  • institutional investors and qualified investors can invest large capital to finance new technologies, create a development project, make purchases, or to strengthen a balance sheet
  • through some local companies of dedicated professionals we can present our clients' projects to Chinese investors and funds