• realize a real change and development for each of our customers
  • be a reference partner for European Union companies looking to the Chinese market
  • and for Chinese companies that intend to invest in Europe and Italy

our values ​​are

  • Each of our customers must be successful if we are to be successful
  • fare la differenza per ognuno dei nostri clienti
  • work very hard to make customers excited about the work we do for them
  • exceed customer expectations
  • provide real value in all the work we do
  • be flexible, innovative and responsive
  • team up
  • share solutions
  • focus on continuous improvement

Our markets


  • Italy has been a member of the European Union since its foundation in 1957, with significant opportunities for expanding businesses
  • a market of 60 million consumers with a GDP in fourth place in Europe
  • due to its geographic conformation, Italy is a natural hub for road, sea and air links between Northern and Southern Europe
  • from Italy you can easily reach over 750 million consumers in European countries (of which 505 million in the European Union) and over 600 million in North Africa and the Middle East
  • as a member country, with a registered office, from Italy it is possible to do business in all 27 EU countries, without many of the administrative, customs, bureaucratic and customs limitations 


  • China is the most populous nation in the world, the Chinese are 22% of the world population
  • it is a market of enormous dimensions in continuous growth, albeit with linguistic, bureaucratic and organizational difficulties and significant costs to be incurred to create a significant commercial presence
  • in the last thirty years the Chinese economy has experienced a real economic boom, the country has become the second largest economy in the world, where millions of citizens have emerged from poverty and others are now part of the middle class
  • This social category is made up of entrepreneurs or professionals who have adequate education and who earn between $ 10,000 and $ 60,000 a year
  • based on this parameter, about 300 million Chinese are part of the Chinese middle class, about 25% of the country's population, slightly less than the entire US population
  • China's GDP is second only to that of the United States and higher than that of Japan and Germany
  • the impressive "One Belt One Road" project (the so-called New Silk Road), launched by the Chinese government, will make the country the largest commercial hub for trade relations between Europe and AsiaOne Belt One Road” (la c.d. Nuova via della Seta), lanciato dal Governo cinese, farà del paese lo snodo commerciale più grande per i rapporti commerciali tra Europa e Asia


Pier Luigi Aymerich

Master Degree in Economic Sociology at the Sapienza University of Rome, he has been working for over 30 years, in Italy and abroad, in business consultancy, contracts and commercial transactions. He is a lecturer in the private business sector of management and communication. He oversaw the organization of international cultural events. He is a mediator and trainer qualified in Alternative Dispute Resolution and registered with the Ministry of Justice. He speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish.

Stefano Bravo

Graduated in Economics and Commerce at the University of Bologna, tax consultant and auditor, he has over twenty years of experience in the management of wide-ranging business issues, corporate transactions and tax consultancy. He has held positions as director, auditor and liquidator of joint stock companies, consortia, associations and foundations. He speaks Italian and English.

Andrea Nicolangelo Romano

Graduated in Law at the LUISS Free University of Social Studies in Rome, with a thesis on mass media law entitled "Intangible assets and their online marketability". He has been a member of the Rome Lawyers Register since 2006 and has gained considerable experience in both civil and criminal matters in the exercise of his profession, with a marked propensity for international or transnational issues. It deals with both companies and individuals with wide-ranging legal advice and legal aid before the criminal and civil courts in Italy and the EU, especially in German-speaking countries. He is bilingual Italian / German and speaks English.

Flavio Sarandrea

Master degree in Law at La Sapienza University in Rome. Fluent in English and Spanish. Over twenty years of experience in China as business consultant developing business and establish partnership with local Chinese investors in many fields including : Commercial Real Estate Planning and Management , Sales Network setup , Licensing, Fashion, , Company registrations, Commercial and Legal service. Fluente in inglese e spagnolo.