Doing business

  • China is a market of enormous dimensions, with enormous potential, with bureaucratic and organizational difficulties and costs to bear
  • with over 20 years of presence in China we can offer a unique service of excellence, an integrated and customized solution for Italian companies in the development process of their business
  • to correctly evaluate the approach based on the economic capabilities available, considering the nature of the product to be sold, the market segment and the best retail solution available.
  • through our Shanghai office we can assist in the creation of the most suitable sales network, in the management of points of sale and / or distribution, and in finding Area Managers in the most important Chinese cities


  • on-site consultancy and assistance, with Italian and Chinese personnel, to create / manage shopping centers, outlets, department stores, street outlets, showrooms

Establishment of a new company

  • Chinese law requires the establishment of a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise)
  • company with total foreign capital
  • for the establishment it takes about three months to operate directly on the market
  • we assist you in opening an operational office, with Chinese staff

Outsourcing management

  • as an alternative for companies that have difficulty managing a business in a distant country where linguistic and operational factors make it difficult to start and manage the activities, we offer the outsourcing management service with a dedicated Italian and Chinese staff, managed by Shanghai office

Local Sales Manager

  • the Local Sales Manager (LSM) allows you to have in outsourcing your own sales manager in the People's Republic of China
  • LSM is a professional who promotes your products and services locally, as your local sales manager who knows the market, the rules and the local language.
  • we have specialized personnel in various commercial sectors able to communicate in English and in some cases also in Italian.

China point

  • It is the help desk for companies interested in learning about the Chinese market before starting a direct investment, with our staff on site able to communicate with the customer in Italian, English, Chinese
  • Punto Cina is also a Virtual Office that allows you to limit management and personnel costs and includes: company domicile with postal address, secretarial service in Italian / English / Chinese, translation of email / fax / incoming and outgoing calls, dedicated telephone and fax line, meeting rooms, organization of meetings and events, fortnightly report on activities carried out