Corporate and business start-up services

  • Advice and domiciliation
  • incorporation of EU / ITA / CHINA companies
  • opening of branches, branches and representative offices in the EU
  • acquisitions, mergers, demergers, contributions and liquidations
  • deeds and agreements between the shareholders
  • deposit and keeping of company books
  • preparation of studies, economic research and business plans
  • corporate governance

Commercial services

  • consultancy and representation on import-export matters, customs procedures
  • due diligence on projects and potential partners, feasibility and market analysis
  • project financing and funded European projects
  • search for agents and distributors and creation of sales networks
  • franchising and affiliation
  • marketing campaigns
  • intellectual property and trademark registration
  • real estate

Legal services

  • consultancy and assistance in civil, criminal and commercial matters, in matters of labor, sport and entertainment law
  • legal advice and assistance for the purchase and sale of real estate assets
  • legal aid
  • out-of-court assistance and ADR
  • national and international legal domiciles

Management services

  • tax advice and litigation
  • business management in outsourcing and temporary management
  • administration and accounting
  • consultancy, assistance in HR, labor and contracts
  • analysis and review of the financial statements
  • tax problems relating to direct and indirect taxes
  • tax studies and opinions, tax litigation
  • appraisals and valuations of companies and equity investments
  • analysis of the tax and currency laws of different countries for tax optimization purposes
  • assumption of corporate, auditor and liquidator positions
  • bankruptcy receivership, extraordinary administrations and judicial liquidations

Real estate services

  • integrated real estate consultancy
  • research and evaluation of residential and commercial properties
  • verification of documents of origin, mortgage and land registry, compliance techniques
  • assistance in notarial deeds and assistance in financing practices