Europe to China

  • China is the world’s leading online business market
  • thanks to advanced technology, local software and dedicated platforms
  • Alibaba (B2B), Taobao, JD, TMall, only some of the best players, attract millions of buyers every day from around the country.
  • delivery costs, through local couriers, extremely cheap and fast
  • We Chat app, developed by Tencent Software (Shenzen), a mix between Whatsapp and Facebook, with features that allow you to buy online, pay bills and communicate.
  • 800 million users across the country are employees
  • for this target we can create an online store for staff or company, on dedicated platforms

China to Europe

  • the online business is also rapidly developing in Europe
  • to Chinese companies, interested in doing business online in Europe, we offer dedicated websites
  • to sell the product through the best European platforms
  • to request barcodes
  • to find the best solutions for online sales