• India is in 12th place among the world economies and the fourth in terms of purchasing power
  • for this reason the exportation to the country of technologies and industrial processes has important prospects
  • with particular reference to the development of agricultural crops
  • the green economy, and the protection of the ecosystem and water in general
  • the presence of a state and regional bureaucracy create organizational difficulties and costs to be incurred
  • SBS Group, with an important Indian referenced partnership, can offer a unique service of excellence
  • an integrated and customized solution for Italian companies in the process of developing their business
  • to correctly evaluate the approach based on the available economic capacity
  • considering the nature of the product to be sold, the market range and the best retail solution available.
  • and the creation of the most suitable sales network in the management of points of sale and / or distribution
  • through our Pune and New Delhi offices and Area Manager in the most important Indian towns, with staff who are fluent in Italian, English and Hindi.

The WOS and the JV under Indian law are treated on a par with Indian domestic companies and are required to comply with all Indian laws.

To foreign investors In India it is allowed to set up or hold up to 100% of a capital company that can be incorporated both as Private and as a Public company.

To an extent comparable to the Italian legal regime, companies may be further classified as limited (limited) or unlimited liability companies.